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Free Valet Parking

Valet bike parking is free during the day. 

After a quick one-time registration, follow the steps below to use valet service:

Registration is completely free and helps us track parking availability. Register online below, or in person.

It is easier to park your bike when: unused bags/baskets are closed and folded, helmets are buckled to the top frame of your bike, and loose items are secured.

Our space is optimized for traditional-sized bicycles. We may accommodate cargo bicycles when possible. We do not park scooters, recumbents, or other bikes that cannot safely fit in our racks. Gas motors are never permitted in the Station.

Available at:




How it works:

The Basics

Remove necessary items from bicycle and place bicycle in rack at front counter.

Take a claim ticket, tear in half. Attach the larger half to your bicycle, the smaller is your claim check: keep it safe!

Sign into parking form. Include your full name, a brief description of the bicycle, and the last four numbers on your ticket.

Always keep an eye on your bicycle until a staff member acknowledges you or has secured your bike behind the counter.


For security, we do not allow overnight parking (exceptions may be made for reverse commuters, please inquire). A $5 overnight fee will be assessed each night, and bicycles left over one week may be donated or given to police.

We are not responsible for any articles attached on the bike and bikes left overnight.

Only you and those you designate on your Registration Form can retrieve your bike.

Still Have Questions?

We’re here for you. Contact us and we’ll answer any other questions you have.