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Controlled access parking at BART

Smart bike parking.

Our Controlled Access Bike Stations are available 21-24 hours a day (see below). Parking costs just 5¢/hr from 8am – 8pm weekdays, and 3¢/hr all other times.

Available at:


Civic Center



Pleasant Hill

How it works:

The Basics

Purchase a BikeLink card online or at any staffed Bike Station. Then register at Your $20 Bike Link card is pre-loaded with $20 parking value. 

A one time ID verification is required to use the controlled-access bike stations.  Verify in advance for free or immediately for $5 at a BikeLink kiosk.

Always lock your bike with a stout u-lock. This is an unattended, shared-use facility.

Your bicycle must always be identified with your Bike Link ID Card Number. Use the sticker provided with your Bike Link card or a temporary hang tag.

Once inside, you have 10 minutes to park and exit.  Overstays will trigger an alarm and a remote security alert.

Park for up to 10 days at a time. Overtime Rates apply. Bikes left longer may be considered abandoned.

A Few Details

Secure the door every time you enter or exit. DO NOT hold the door for others. Each user must check-in and check-out with their own card.

Access hours: BikeLink parking is open 24/7 except for Embarcadero & Civic Center stations - which close when the BART Station closes (approximately 1am – 4am).

Add value to card: Call (888) 540-0546, or go to

Lost or missing card: Call BikeLink at (888) 540-0546 immediately to deactivate the card. If you lose your card the value is also lost.

Abandoned/unauthorized bikes may be immobilized or impounded.  Fees may apply.

Bike Link has a 24-hour customer service line for access issues. (888) 540-0546

Still Have Questions?

We’re here for you. Contact us and we’ll answer any other questions you have.